Sunday, October 28, 2007

The weekly menu

• Notable releases in stores Oct. 30 and movies in theaters Nov. 2.

Buzz!: The Mega Quiz (PS2) // Get your game on quiz-show style in the latest installment of this party game series utilizing a set of actual buzzers in place of the control pads. Sounds more fun than the Atari 2600's paddle controllers, at least.

Bee Movie // Is an animated flick what anybody wants from Jerry Seinfeld? Those promotional shorts airing on NBC would be cool if they were funny. A Bee Movie tie-in video game for all the major systems is on shelves Tuesday.

Martian Child // John Cusack's adopted six-year-old thinks he's from Mars, and it all seems too precious for its own good in the trailers.

Captivity (unrated) // Another poorly reviewed entry in the torture porn genre stars Elisha Cuthbert as a fashion model.

CSI Miami: Season Five // Five seasons, and David Caruso hasn't left yet! The problem I have with the CSI shows is that you can't ever really guess who did it, and those little wrap-ups in the last three minutes are too contrived and often anti-climactic.

The Outer Limits: The Original Series, Vol. 3

Scrubs: Season Six

Spider-Man 3: Special Edition // I don't do superhero movies, but, if I did, it would be one of the Spider-Mans.

Twin Peaks: The Definitive Gold Box Edition

Backstreet Boys, "Unbreakable" // Really, isn't it just time to let it go?

Britney Spears, "Blackout" // Really, isn't it just time … and what an awful sleeve design.

Joy Division // Special editions of Unknown Pleasures, Closer and Still.

Peter Hoeg, "The Quiet Girl" // I read Smilla's Sense of Snow back in the day and found it … cold.

Clive Barker, "Mister B. Gone" // I read a handful of early Barker selections in the late '80s and early '90s. He had some intriguing ideas in novels like The Great and Secret Show, but I found his tales to be wholly uninviting. Here, Mr. Barker offers a demon's memoir.

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