Monday, December 10, 2012

NBC's Take It All gave me nothing

Look at that modified Deal or no Deal set! Hear that modified Deal or no Deal theme music! It must be NBC's latest December game show launch, the suggestively titled Take It All. Hosted by Dealmeister Howie Mandell, this riff on Dirty Santa grows tiresome by about the second time a contestant stares at the colored question marks and wrestles with the choice of green, blue or white in order to add another prize to the mix (such as, in tonight's first episode, a mechanical bull or 25 years of gym membership — woohoo). More offensive than the overwhelming inertia of this concept is the final face-off, in which the contestant may choose "keep mine" to walk away with his amassed prizes … but if one chooses "take it all" and the other player chooses "keep mine," the greedy bastard walks away with both fortunes. It's a complete ripoff of GSN's early 2000s Kennedy-hosted original Friend or Foe?, which was also mean-spirited but at least watchable.

Monday, July 16, 2012

I like this video

And why am I not in it? I don't actually own any 12-inchers, but I should be holding one of the PSBs' masterpieces in this clip. Saint Etienne has always seemed one of those things that I am supposed to love but has never quite done it for me. Pretty much like this song … seems almost good, but not quite.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Memo to Amazon: I don't like being penalized for working all day when music shopping

So, at work this morning I sneaked a peek at Amazon's MP3 store to see if they were pimping the new Madonna album, MDNA, for cheap. It was going for $7.99 (deluxe version, of course) … good enough. But I can't download it at my place of employment. Now that I've got home after a long day of work and finally had time to sit down, the same album is $14.99. Thanks a lot, bitches.