Sunday, October 21, 2007

The weekly menu

• New stuff in stores Oct. 23 and movies in theaters Oct. 26.

Only two new movies hit wide release this week, including Saw Part 17. If you're looking for chills, see 30 Days of Night instead.

The Shining: Special Edition (2-disc set) // The buzz on this one says expect a few new featurettes and improved sound quality.

Mr. Brooks // Kevin Costner tries sinister.

The Stanley Kubrick Collection: Director's Series (10-disc set)

Tales from the Crypt: Season Seven

Saw III: Unrated Director's Cut // I'm still meticulously avoiding the horror subgenre that Entertainment Weekly recently dubbed "torture porn."

Hostel Part II: Unrated

The L Word: Season Four

I Love Lucy: The Complete Series

Dave Gahan, "Hourglass"

Patricia Cornwell, "Book of the Dead"


Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Gore porn seems to be quite in vogue nowadays, eh?

Saw 4, the fourth in the series is now out.

I would even put Kill Bill as part of this trend.

Jebb said...

It seems to finally be waning at the box office, and I'm hoping the next trend in horror will be more interesting … the J-Horror stuff was much more interesting.