Monday, August 20, 2007

First look: Survivor China

CBS unveiled the cast and some details today about Survivor: China, which I'm looking forward to after skipping Survivor 14. Some scoop on the upcoming panda edition:

• Kudos to the producers for rounding up a diverse and potentially volatile mix of occupations: We have a grave digger, chicken farmer, surfing instructor, former model, Christian radio talk show host, school lunch lady, professional poker player and professional wrestler (the WWE's Ashley Massaro) among the job titles.

• Contestant ages range from 20 (Frosti Zernow, a Chicago athlete/student) to 47 (Chicken Morris, the chicken farmer from Marion, Va.).

• Despite seeking out a location that is interesting for the first time in years, contestants will still be stuck to two separate islands on Zhelin Lake in the Jiangxi Province.

• The Hidden Immunity Idol just won't go away. This time there are two located in plain sight, and kidnapping an opposing tribe member is involved. Please, make it stop.

• The "talk-to-the-hand" drama begins on Thursday, Sept. 20.

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