Wednesday, May 02, 2007

TV preview: Something Borrowed

• Part one of the How I Met Your Mother finale airs Monday (May 7) at 7 p.m. Central on CBS.

Verdict: &&1/2

After a series arc going from engagement to break-up to "touching" reunion, part one of the How I Met Your Mother season finale is a manic build up to the wedding of Lily (Alyson Hannigan) and Marshall (Jason Segel). Everything is going wrong as the big moment approaches, with gags including blond highlights in Marshall's hair ("I look like a Backstreet Boy!") and a pregnant harpist who can only reach half the instrument's strings. Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), not surprisingly, gets the best laughs as he plays upon the wedding party's goodwill towards the bride to score drinks and a back rub. Viewers might as well say "I do," but this too-brisk episode tries to cram in something borrowed, something blue and just about everything from the kitchen sink.

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