Wednesday, May 09, 2007

TV preview: Something Blue

• It's more shucks than yuks in the season finale.

Airs: 7 p.m. CT Monday (May 15) on CBS
Verdict: &&1/2

How does that old saying go — something borrowed, something blue, to renew or not to renew? In the season finale, How I Met Your Mother ratchets up the relationship drama as Ted and Robin (did anyone know this character is a journalist? Seriously?) wrestle with one of those falling apart moments over living in Brazil (aka, our futures go in different directions). It's quite the departure from the previous episode's silliness, although drunken newlyweds Marshall and Lily prompt a few chuckles, as does Barney as he attempts to discern what Ted and Robin don't want to say during their friends' wedding reception. It's a bittersweet end to the season, and fans won't be happy if this is the last episode. Given a choice of seeing more of this, The Class or Rules of Engagement, however, all my love goes to Rules.


Varian 4ever said...

Sorry for the OT but I was drawn here by your profile pic. Where's that from if you don't mind my asking? I been trying to place the movie...

Jebb said...

It's the poster that was on the wall behind Fox Mulder's desk in his office on The X-Files, which is perhaps my all-time favorite show. Technically, it's not exactly the same poster, but you get the idea. And the sentiment fits me as an individual, although I am often highly skeptical.

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