Sunday, August 13, 2006

TV: Three Moons over Milford

• ABC Family debuts another oddball original.

Genre: I honestly don't know.
Logistics: ABC Family, 7 p.m. (Central) Sunday
Cast: Elizabeth McGovern, Rob Boltin, Sam Murphy, Nora Dunn
Verdict: &&1/2

The moon has split into three pieces and anything could happen. What would you do? In Milford, people are inclined to act on impulses and turn downright wacky — that's the sketchy premise of Three Moons over Milford, which has a capable cast and a quite aimless storyline. The antics include some amateur adolescent witchcraft that burns down a school, a duel between feuding neighbors, and a flirtation between a 16-year-old and a woman twice his age. Three Moons chiefly centers the madness around Laura Davis (Elizabeth McGovern), whose husband suddenly skips town, and her two teens, Alex (Sam Murphy) and Lydia (Teresa Calentano), as they contend with losing their home and switching schools. It would be great to see more of the real estate agent Michelle Graybar (the hilarious Nora Dunn in a supporting role) and less of attorney and potential Laura love interest Mack McIntyre (Rob Boltin) — this show doesn't need goofy courtroom scenes. Three Moons is a marginally better effort than the newly aggressive net's much-hyped original Kyle XY, about a teen with extraordinary abilities, even if there's never really any explanation of the moons thing; the viewer is left to pick that up from dialogue and some news headlines shown during the opening credits. Dwell on that too much and you may find yourself wondering why you're watching ABC Fam in the first place.

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