Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Random tracks

• Assorted musings from the entertainment world.

CSI casting • CBS informs us that something called K-Fed will guest star in a future episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. It will portray an arrogant teenager who harasses the CSI team as they investigate a series of brutal tourist beatings taking place throughout the Las Vegas area. Nick and Warrick are confronted by Cole Tritt, (K-Fed), an arrogant teen who hassles them while they work a crime scene. View at your own risk.

Survivor stunt • It has pained me to see Survivor look increasingly (and needlessly) desperate with each passing season, resorting to endless game tweaks such as Exile Island and midpoint "twists." Now that the ratings have actually shown some erosion (although it's still comfortably a top 10 show), we get an obvious publicity stunt: four teams split along racial lines. As someone (I've forgotten who or I'd give credit) said: What are they going to do, hurl racial insults at each other during challenges?

Cheap DVD rentals • With tax, I paid $1.59 last weekend to watch Brick. What is this, 1988? We've come this far from $4 a pop — might as well roll it on back to the 99¢ days and rent The Breakfast Club on VHS for nostalgia's sake.

Xtina's album cover • I can take or leave the music and over-vocalizing of Christina Aguilera, but the Back to Basics album cover, presented in the style of an old-school RCA release, is quite clever. The photo reminds me of Madonna's Bedtime Stories.

Teresa Calentano • Calentano is currently making her television debut in ABC Family's Three Moons over Milford as Lydia Davis, and she has apparently made an impression, because she has been the top search term leading folks here for a couple of weeks. There's surprisingly scant information about her on the web, and this item is obviously a shameless attempt to work her name into another post. Check out her character's blog here.

Word game • GSN (formerly Game Show Network) wants you to play the new online version of its game show Chain Reaction. Good news: Most folks will probably find the web game more enjoyable than the show. Check it out here.

Speaking of games • The Page O' Clips has become an essential destination for old-school game show fans, serving a generous helping of everything from rare Chuck Woolery-hosted Wheel of Fortune episodes to $ale of the Century — in other words, all that good stuff GSN isn't showing.


Scooter said...

In regards to Srvivor, c'mon, everything anyone does is a publicity stunt. As for the race thing, you can go to any cafiteria at any school at any level and see a vast majority of the students are already segregated by choice. You are really blowing things out of proportion, nobody's going to watch the show and think "yeah, I totally hate the hispanics now because they beat the asians at Survivor."

Jebb said...

Um, I'm merely saying it has gimmick written all over it, and I hate to see a classy production stoop to gimmicks.