Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Fun with search terms

The Jeblog uses a counter to help me marvel at how much or how little traffic is rolling in on any given day, and, as any good counter does, it provides the search terms that have led gentle, sometimes randy web surfers to this destination. The results are often amusing for one reason or another. Here's a sample. Click the search term to find out what really led them here.

Gloom, despair and agony on me karaoke Oh god, no.

Buck Rogers television catfight Oh, we see what's on your mind — perverse childhood TV memories. Wilma in tight jumpsuits. Incidentally, if the Buck Rogers DVD set weren't so grossly overpriced a la Star Trek, I'd already be a happy owner.

Match game 73 episodes dvd You WISH! And I'll take the entire 1983-1989 network run, as well as the concurrent syndicated run, of $ale of the Century, thank you very much. Admittedly, yours is far more likely to happen, but why not just watch them on GSN?

Luke Perry barefoot You whore.

Mummer's dance tv show OK, I'm obviously missing something on this one.

Breasts dance to music You perv.

Stephen king storm of the century how it ends Just watch it. It is, hands down, the best Stephen King TV project, except for that part near the end when the kids fly around.

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