Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Music: Last six iTunes downloads

Quick takes on the latest additions to my iTunes library
Current song count: 1,744 • 5.2 days

The Mummer's Dance (Single Version) • Loreena McKennitt // "Loreena who?" you say, but this 1997 hit single was a breath of fresh air with McKennitt's lilting Celtic melodies layered atop electronic instrumentation and a catchy groove.

Ooh La La • Goldfrapp // Why, when U.S. radio stoops to play dance music these days, does it have to be crap like Cascada's "Everytime We Touch" or DHT's empty take on Roxette's "Listen to Your Heart" rather than a fresh track such as this?

Munich • Editors // Critics are drawing comparisons to Joy Division, a band I admittedly don't know well. What I do know is that refrain of "People are fragile things, you should know by now / You'll speak when you're spoken to" is already lodged deep in my skull.

Sorry (PSB Maxi-Mix Edit) • Madonna // Radio should apologize for ignoring the best Madonna single in years from the best Madonna album in years.

Speed of Sound • Coldplay // If this is an obvious attempt to rewrite "Clocks," I'm willing to forgive. I'm a sucker for that dreamy, urgent, ethereal sound they do so well, and I'll happily fork over 99 cents each to download the next dozen rewrites if they're as good as this.

Send Me An Angel (1989 Radio Edit) • Real Life // This overlooked synthpop gem is probably one of the least-known songs to have the unusual distinction of cracking the Billboard top 30 twice – first in its original 1984 version and then in the 1989 remix. Often mistaken for a Pet Shop Boys track, its melody and angelic background vocal are unshakable once they sink in. iTunes now offers a slew of mixes, but the '89 radio edit is the only one you need.

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Daft Monk said...

I've enjoyed every song on your list. Goldfrapp are amazing- check out the "Supernature" album for more great electronic pop with personality.
"Send Me An Angel" is one of my all time favorites and Real Life are still around putting out an album a couple of years ago. There's a good free download here if you're interested.

Jebb said...

Thanks for the tip on Real Life -- I'll check that out.