Monday, May 29, 2006

DVD: Anchor Bay resurrects Cemetery Man (1994)

Genre: Horror-comedy, existential, '90s
AKA: Dellamorte, Dellamore
Release date: June 13, 2006
Director: Michele Soavi
Cast: Rupert Everett and some other folks

Fans of zombie flicks and Rupert Everett (and fans of both simultaneously, if that's possible) take note: Anchor Bay is giving the DVD treatment to the somewhat obscure 1994 quasi-horror film Cemetery Man, which bears no resemblance at all to latter day zombie movies like Land of the Dead and 28 Days Later. This offbeat tale is played more for laughs and light existentialism than scares as cemetery watchman Francesco Dellamorte (Everett, pre-My Best Friend's Wedding and Shakespeare in Love) contends with "returners" – recently buried people who arise from the grave and show up at the caretaker's door. In one scene, he sits casually chatting on the phone, blasting several in a row with a gun as they appear in his doorway. Others are put away with a swift ax chop to the skull. Absurd moments abound, such as when his imbecile assistant, Gnaghi, has a romance with a disembodied head. A love interest comes into play for Dellamorte, as well, and there are sex scenes exposing much of Everett and considerably more of his lover (I think my retinas were burned). Dellamorte is left contemplating questions of love, life and death as the movie careens toward a non-Hollywood climax. This was the last film directed by Soavi, who was known for exploring traditional Italian horror themes. It's best enjoyed by non-blockbuster minded viewers and with a stiff drink at hand. // DVD notes // Resist the temptation to skip the pre-feature previews: The DVD cleverly features trailers for several retro horror flicks, such as 1982's hospital thriller Visiting Hours, starring William Shatner, Michael Ironside and Lee Grant. It's great campy fun. The movie is presented in anamorphic widescreen with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. Extras include a featurette in which Soavi and costar Anna Falchi, among others, are interviewed.

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