Saturday, March 04, 2006

Random tracks

I admit it: February was a little slow on the Jeblog.

The month took its toll with "extra work" (that's what we'll politely call it) at the office, and I'm in that closing stretch leading up to a week off that makes me feel like I'm always running up hill and losing ground.

But there hasn't been much going on in my entertainment life, either – no new TV outside of the return of Deal or no Deal (which has fared surprisingly well – care to wager how long NBC takes to kill it with celebrity editions or overuse?), and I haven't been to the theater in ages. My current most anticipated movie, Pulse, another American J-horror remake, was originally set for this weekend but recently got bumped to July 14. I was stoked for Steve Martin's Pink Panther, but I've downgraded it to a rental based on the generally negative reviews.

Despite the stack of new novels I've picked up recently, I haven't gotten more than a few pages into Stephen King's Cell. Not that it's bad – I'm just at a standstill. Sometimes turning the pages feels like taking out the trash, no matter how much I enjoy the writer. It's easier to sit in front of the computer staring blankly at web pages.

March looks to be a more fruitful month. In all likelihood, I will take in next weekend's big horror remake, The Hills Have Eyes, and I'm looking forward to Julia Louis-Dreyfus' new sitcom, The New Adventures of Old Christine, which looks killer funny in the promos. And I'm within a few episodes of the end of several TV on DVD sets – NewsRadio seasons one and two, The Twilight Zone season one (1980s version); and V: The Complete Series, all of which will be blogged here.

Bottom line: Check back often this month. Bookmark me, leave comments (they're open to everyone), do with me what you will.

Finally, an update: The most read post here by far has been Surface vs. Threshold vs. Invasion. Most folks who cared probably noticed Threshold (CBS) disappeared from the schedule shortly after changing timeslots. There were several unaired episodes, and recently reported that the show will get a DVD release with those unseen episodes. Invasion (ABC, 9 p.m. Wednesday) is chugging through a full season despite precipitous ratings drop-offs from its lead-in, Lost, and Surface (NBC) is apparently done for the season, with Deal or no Deal now filling its Monday slot (plus a Friday night slot, as well).

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