Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Haunted by the late Garçon Garçon

There's not much music that matters to me anymore that is discovered via old-fashioned radio. A prime example of this is Garçon Garçon, perhaps my favorite artist of the last couple of years, who came to my attention via a blog post about a remix of their song "Stay in Touch." I'd have never heard of them otherwise. They released an EP of songs and later, in 2013, an incredible single, "Instant Attraction." They have a sound that's hard to quantify, but wiki comes reasonably close with "a nostalgic blend of modern electropop with an inherent 80s teen spirit." But there's more than that; many of the tracks have a haunting quality juxtaposed with incredibly sharp pop hooks.

So, it put a dagger through my heart when the duo announced their split via social media. Especially after such a stellar new release.

This is how their tracks stacked up for me in total plays, per

Stay In Touch (Son of Vader Remix) // 32
Instant Attraction // 27
Save Our Souls (EP)  // 23
Maybe Tonight (EP) // 21 
Take Me Out (EP) // 21
Hollywood Song (Sveta & Tokoloshe Midas Touch Remix)  // 21                                                 

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