Monday, April 16, 2007

Random tracks: Alanis' humps, etc.

Alanis Morissette does "My Humps" // Is it loving parody or biting commentary? Morissette would probably politely claim fandom of the Black Eyed Peas and say that it's all in fun. I'm neither a fan of the Peas nor of Fergie, and I think Morissette's cover of "My Humps" is a shrewdly effective indictment of the song and the mindset of many of today's biggest hits. There's just something irresistible about Morissette singing lines like, "What you gonna do with all that junk / All that junk inside that trunk" in the style of one of her intense drama pieces, such as "Mary Jane." On top of that, the accompanying video is blinging hilarious.

// Update // Per Billboard, Alanis' "Humps" is, indeed, getting a single release.

30 Rock // The season's best new comedy achieved near-perfection about mid-season, and NBC has rewarded it with a second season order. We can all breathe a sigh of relief that neurotic Liz Lemon, wacky page Kevin and egocentric exec Jack Donaghy have been spared NBC's itchy cancellation finger, which brings us to …

Kidnapped // The best new drama of the current TV season, unjustly cancelled by NBC after only a handful of airings, is already getting a DVD release on April 24. Like young Leopold Cain, I expected it to be held hostage indefinitely. And the TV on DVD stack grows taller yet again.

New Erasure single // My jury's still out on "I Could Fall in Love With You," but that underwhelming U.K. chart placing of 21 is feeling about right thus far. I haven't felt inspired to order the U.S. single or download the track or its b-side from iTunes. At least the art for this album (Light at the End of the World, out May 22) interestingly references the old stuff. Perhaps the music will, too.


mikealao said...

Alanis' rendition of the song is absolutely brilliant.

Sir Jorge said...

Alanis' must be desperate for attention.

That's not to say that the video is not funny, it's hilarious, but I did not like the other version.

Jebb said...

What puzzles me is that she would go to all that trouble of recording the song and making the video but not make the song commercially available on CD or via iTunes. Perhaps the youtube buzz alone gooses her album sales.