Sunday, January 14, 2007

Random tracks

• Five upcoming flicks & some other stuff.

The Hitcher (Jan. 19) • Expectations can only be low for this retread of the mildly interesting 1986 highway horror film starring C. Thomas Howell and directed this time by a no-name, Dave Meyers.

The Invisible (Jan. 26) • David S. Goyer (Blade: Trinity — I know we all saw that one) remakes a Swedish thriller about a young man trying to solve his own murder from the other side.

The Messengers (Feb. 2) • Something about some creepiness on a rundown sunflower farm
— that's a bit different, at least. Scary enough is the co-director's name: Oxide Pang.

Hannibal Rising (Feb. 9) • The Hannibal Lecter prequel hits theaters just weeks after the novel, which is getting a dubious reception. The trailer is effectively creepy, though, even if it's going to be tough for this Anthony Hopkins-less effort to bring anything truly interesting or shocking to the table. It is only the second directorial credit for Peter Webber.

Reno 911: Miami (Feb. 23) • Some humor to cleanse the palate after that string of likely bad horror films. The Comedy Central show, which consists largely of a string of Cops-like vignettes taken to the absurd extreme, is arguably the funniest comedy on television (which isn't saying much at the moment) thanks to the quirky characters, such as Lt. Dangle in his short shorts. This big-screen adaptation could be the breakout moment for Dangle and the Reno crew, who visit Miami for a convention and are called into action following an attack of some sort.

Temptation • If this is done properly, I may finally shut up about the lack of quality formats in the new wave of game shows. TV Week reports that this title — the current incarnation of $ale of the Century in Australia — is a go for fall syndication.

Lisey's Story • With the holidays over, I'm trying to get back into the stack of books waiting to be read. Though a bit daunting in length at more than 500 pages (things have changed since I happily slogged through 1,000+ pages of The Stand Complete and Uncut back in the day), this Stephen King novel is off to an intriguing start and has the potential air of Something Special.

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