Sunday, December 24, 2006

DVD: The Wicker Man (2006)

• Nicolas Cage tries to crack a secretive clan of pagan chicks.

Genres: Thriller, mystery, horror (but not really), remake
DVD released: Dec. 19, 2006
Director: Neil LaBute
Cast: Nicolas Cage, Kate Beahan, Ellen Burstyn
Verdict: &&&

See the review of the theatrical release here. Despite the critical mauling, I still maintain that this remake is a fun little mind-freak and better than the average horror movie of the week (although this is far more a mystery-thriller than it is horror). On second viewing, I still feel the opening scene of this pagan island mystery doesn't tie in convincingly, and the climax, though strong, might be even more effective with less explanatory dialogue — why tell us what has become painfully apparent? // DVD notes // The disc contains two versions of the movie — the theatrical cut and an alternate version. The DVD box trumpets a "shocking alternate ending," but it is neither shocking nor alternate — it's really an extended version that shows a bit that you only hear in the theatrical version during the particularly violent part of the scene. With the other extras being the trailer and commentaries, this adds up to quite a disappointment. On a side note, I was hoping the re-release of the original would show up at my local DVD emporium, but no such luck. Guess I'll have to buy it.

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