Monday, July 10, 2006

One year

When this blog began a year ago today, I didn't know if it would last more than a week or two. I was feeling a bit like the guy in that commercial whose computer suddenly tells him that he has just reached the end of the Internet — it didn't feel exciting anymore. Something led me to Blogger on an idle Sunday morning and, within a few minutes, I had a blog and a first post — appropriately a review of a horror film, Dark Water. Now, the blogosphere is an integral part of my Internet life. I know that I'll probably never be among Blogger's "blogs of note" or Technorati's top 10 (or even 1,000), but this is a medium I can't resist. One goal for year two is more frequent posts, an important objective that often conflicts with my job. My emphasis has always been on content (anyone want to design a fancy new header for me?), and that will continue. Thanks to everyone who has made it a point to return and to those who have posted comments. It's much appreciated. And the suggestion box is open — feel free to drop me a line if you have some feedback. The address is available through my profile.

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