Friday, January 13, 2006

TV: I wouldn't normally watch The Book of Daniel, but …

Genre: Good question.
Logistics: NBC, 9 p.m. Fridays, unless censored.


Make no mistake, I watched this show for one reason only: The nearest NBC affiliate yanked it from the schedule. I have a problem with people attempting to control what I watch for no reason other than some of the content makes them uncomfortable. In its place, they apparently aired infomercials – is there any more offensive form of programming? Fortunately, my cable provider gives me another affiliate. Setting aside The Book of Daniel's button-pushing elements and my or your or Jerry Falwell's feelings about them, the show is mildly amusing, at best. It seems to be going for a Desperate Housewives sort of darkness in its humor, and it only hits the target about half the time. Jesus appears in the long-haired, robe-clad style of those church-wall portraits for conversations with lead Aidan Quinn (Rev. Daniel Webster), who has some kind of moral dilemma going involving money and mobsters, but it is about as clear as mud in episode two. The children have their relationship issues, and Mrs. Webster (Susanna Thompson) has major mother problems. In episode two, after discovering Mom's name is on the deed to the home she thought she owned, she copes by downing vodka. The cast, overall, is strong; Thompson was positively Emmy-worthy on Once and Again. This show, on the other hand, is neither Emmy worthy nor a threat to modern civilization any more than people who view it as a malignant piece of propaganda are.

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